I am a freelance composer, producer, live & studio audio engineer and mixer, musician and vocalist (In no particular order)

My career started out in the live sound arena wrapping cables, setting up stages. That grew into mixing monitors and eventually front of house. I enjoyed live sound for a season, but later transitioned into studio work producing, engineering, mixing records for artists in the Minneapolis area.

During that time I met up with a nationally signed recording act and joined as the fourth member. We toured for 3 years or so and called it quits with some mild success in our arena. A couple of songs charted top 10, top 20 in our format and as a songwriter/composer I received BMI’s “The Most Performed Songs on Christian Radio during 2008“ 

After the ‘band years’ I learned of a term called ‘production music’ and have been laser focused on pursuing excellence in that front.

I would term my ‘sweet spot’: “Positive U2 Coldplay Pop/Rock”. I like guitars, delays, melodic piano lines and a ‘pop/rock’ band feel. While I know one key to success in Production Music is diversification, I am planning on spending my first year(s) focusing on what I believe my writing strengths are.